Some down time….

We are looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation. It has been a busy weekend and today the garden and house have all been put in order.

My mum is driving to pick us up tomorrow for a few days respite at her house. It is nice to go to her house and be pampered for a couple of days, it is a chance to sit back and really relax……I feel I need it….

I’m not taking any work with me, just a book to ensure that I’m not enticed back to work when the kids go to bed. When I get home it will all still be waiting for me, so just for these few days I’m going to indulge!

Down time is exactly what you need to unwind and be able to totally refresh and rejuvenate yourself. In order to be on top form when I go back to work, I need this chance to completely switch off and recharge my batteries….

Then I’ll be back ready to conquer the final term…

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