Investing in staff……

What a busy week. Interviewing for teaching assistants and for teachers…. You know what you are looking for and when you find the right person they seem to fit perfectly within the context of the school.

There is an energy and a passion that some people have and you just know that they will be perfect for the job.

Sometimes finding that ‘right’ person can be very difficult. But you have to keep interviewing until you get it right. One person who doesn’t fit can completely tilt the balance.

You need to invest in staff. Staff are what makes the school ‘outstanding,’ so you can’t just scrape by with them.

Further, you need to ensure excellent training for them. This is what keeps them ‘fresh’ and always on their best foot. Keeping them up to date and abreast of the most pivotal new strategies and policies makes them the ‘best’ and allows for children to be engaged and motivated.

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