Ready for the week ahead….

I love Sundays. It is a day of rest, a day for us to spend time as a family. In the evening it is the day to get everything ready for the week ahead of us.

Organisation on Sunday evening is key to a smooth week. If everything is ready and prepared, it makes things so much easier until the next Friday.

Clothes washed, ironed and laid out for the morning. I have learnt my lessons too often in the mornings, rustling through drawers, clumsily pulling out the ironing board to iron shirts, slapping sandwiches together just as we need to then rush out the door. My morning is too hectic as it is, so adding anything else into the mix just makes all of us stressed. I don’t need to create my own stress. So, all I need to do are a few simple things to make morning times quick, easy and painless. Just the way we like.

It is very easy on Sunday evenings to get cosy after putting the children to bed while trying to shrug off the Sunday routine. But, just putting in the extra time pays dividends for the whole rest of the week.

You owe it to yourself to get organised tonight, get yourself prepared for tomorrow and be in the right mindset for the rest of the week.

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