Manners Matter……

As a sun sets on another day I think about the things that are important.

It seems that in our society today, we have forgotten that manners matter. Hearing women talk of how they don’t like men to hold doors, or for men to pay a bill, makes me saddened to think that this is what our culture has come to.

As a mother, I teach my children that these things count. Things like, standing up for the elderly, giving your seat to a pregnant woman and just generally being mindful and aware of others around them.

The days are gone where envelopes are mailed with thank yous and invitations, but rather replaced by impersonal e-mails. People remember a written and heartfelt letter of gratitude. Or, the Christmas card with the family photo tucked within. Now, even more so, people remember. Nowadays you may be able to count the cards you receive on your fingers, as we have made way for birthday wishes via Facebook and e-mail.

Be unique, hand write thank you cards and birthday cards, people will remember your generosity. People remember manners, they respect you more when you have them.

I remind the children at school about this constantly. I explain that they represent our school when they go out in the community, therefore they always need to have their manners. I explain that they should be over polite, say please and thank you too many times if need be.

People will remover you for your manners….. And that is not a bad thing.

Manners matter…..

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