Everything relies on trust….

Since taking up post, one of the key things I have realised is that until people fully trust you they will always question you. When taking over (or filling the shoes of) a long-standing leader, people will be dubious of any new changes, especially when things appeared to be running smoothly. So, when a new head comes in making changes to the behaviour policy, the vision and many other aspects of the school, people begin to question why they needed to be changed in the first place.

Trust builds up over time. Trust has to be earned. Leaders have to prove themselves to the people……often first by making many mistakes. However, the most crucial thing about this is that from these mistakes lessons must be learnt. If the same mistakes are made time after time it will be very difficult for any trust to be built up.

Everyone requires trust. It is vital to the smooth functioning of all processes. But, trust takes time. So, as leaders we must be patient. We must keep focusing on doing what we know is right and over time we will prove ourselves to be ‘the right person for the job.’

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