Another lesson in leadership…

I have talked a lot about leadership in these posts. Fundamentally,the most important thing is that you model what you expect. As a leader, people watch everything you do, they analyse everything that you so. Everything is monitored closely, therefore the moment you slip up, people will notice.

Yesterday I discussed the fact that as a leader you need to model a good work/life balance because then the staff will feel as though it is alright for them to actually have a life outside of school. Hopefully they will then feel the burden lifted off if them and they won’t feel shamed into carrying a box I of marking out the door just to make it appear as though they are working from home.

As a leader you must act in accordance with the standards you set. This is a feature that many leaders lack. They say one thing but then do something completely different.

Being a leader through your actions, is debatably one of the most important things a leader must do.

Lead by example, follow through with what you say, deliver more than expected, appear transparent and people will trust you and want to follow.

Lead with integrity- let your public actions mirror those you demonstrate behind closed doors.

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