Thank you to everyone I have worked with….

Lately I have had quite a few e-mails from past colleagues asking how everything as a new headteacher has been going. It is strange because there have been many incidents lately where I have stopped and thought about how I would have handled that when I was at…..(enter name here) I owe so much to my previous schools and the experiences that they provided. The range of contexts that I have been in, really have offered me a breadth of understanding and knowledge.

This post, therefore, is a thank you to everyone I have ever worked with, from the insurance company, to the electrical company, to the university cafe, to the library and to all the people I have met in the world of education. Thank you for supporting me, teaching me, encouraging me, criticising me, and challenging me. Everything to this moment has made me who I am and has brought me to this place.

Thank you for teaching me how to act in different situations, how to treat the customer, how to treat the employee, how to manage colleagues, how to balance the books, how to seek out information when you have a pressing question, how to manage a complaint, how to treat everyone equally, how to lead, how to manage, how to have fun, how to maintain equilibrium……the list goes on and on.

I still have so much to learn but my gratitude goes to all of my previous employees and colleagues. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of the lessons you have taught me.

So thank you…..

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One Response to Thank you to everyone I have worked with….

  1. Elaine Wilkin says:

    Very thought provoking. Who we are now is a sum total of so many experiences, situations and people we have met and how we have responded to them. Hmmm.

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