Keeping your head above it all……

Another weekend come and gone…..

I have been feeling rather grotty for the past couple of days.  A feeling like the flu is trying to attack me, but I’m trying to stop it before it sets in.  I think I just need some good, old fashioned sleep.  That is the one thing about headship that no one tells you.  You lose a lot of sleep thinking about things.  These things can be anything from the children to the staff, to decisions that you are thinking of making, to things that you want to start seeing changed.  The emotions go from anxiety, to fear and all the way to excitement.  Being a head is really like riding a roller coaster of emotions.  You are in charge of the pupils’ well-being and of the staff who work alongside you.  It is no small task!  Being a perfectionist does not help as you just want to get everything right.  But, what I have learnt is that there is always something that you have not finished.  Or, once you have finished something, it is not too much longer before it needs updating.  

A school is constantly moving, constantly changing.  You cannot stand still for a moment.  But that is what you must accept.  The job is never complete.  You can only do your very best each day that you are at school, making sure the children are safe and everyone is working towards an ‘outstanding’ curriculum for all, through excellent teaching and learning.

No one said that it would be easy.  But, no one could prepare you for what is headship.  No matter what your previous role in a school, nothing can prepare you for this.

It is one of the best professions in the world, but one that comes with more emotion than you realise until you are actually in that role.  We have almost made it to the end of the year.  There have been new initiatives, trends, research and policy just like there will be again next year.  But through all the change, we soldier on.  We give our ‘all’ each and every day, putting a smile on our face no matter what the circumstances.  We will do whatever it takes to help those children who need the extra push, sit with them hour after hour.  Then when it all comes to an end, we cannot help but shed tears as the oldest leave to go onto Secondary.  It is a cycle, a transition.  That is what school is all about.  I am looking forward to being a part of that cycle and watching as the youngest in our school finally leave from year 6 ready to tackle the world.

We are here to help get them on the path……to make sure their path is straight and they continue their journey on the road that leads to success.

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