Making memories….

Another weekend…..for a short week it seemed pretty long! I’m just happy the rain has stopped and the sun is trying to shine.

SATS are next week, it seems like they have come ridiculously quickly this year. I remember administering the level 6 maths last year as if it was yesterday!

Where does the time go?
My first year of headship is almost coming to a close…..

This is the thing people always say to you….time just flies by. It is true. This is why it is so important to enjoy the moments you have. Try not to worry about things especially those things out of your control. It will be your attitude that determines how you remember your days and moments. It is up to you to make memories that will last a lifetime, memories that make you smile. So, turn your circumstances around if need be!

Smile; a smile is contagious and everyone will smile along with you as well!

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