Things will look brighter in the morning…..

The more you experience life, the more you realise that things always have a way of working themselves out. Things may not pan out the way you expected, or the outcomes will be very different to what you imagined, but they work out, one way or another.

When you look back over different circumstances or situations that you thought were impassable, you may see more clearly what I mean by this.

Think of different scenarios where you were panicking, were terrified that everything was going to come crumbling down around you. Was it as bad as it seemed at the time? Did things crumble around you? How did the situation resolve itself?

I have realised that I cannot lose patience. I cannot give up hope. Through all of life’s struggles you learn perseverance, endurance and will power. These are key to keep you motivated and resilient. There is always a new tomorrow to make things right, to reassess your obstacles that are impeding your way.

Things always look better in the morning…..just keep on smiling!

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