Data, Data, Data……

It is that time of year again! (Where does the time go?) SATS are lurking around the corner, nervousness is in the air. No matter how many times we talk to the children about how well-prepared they are, or how relaxed we make them, they still cannot shake the nerves.

With levels being scrapped and the whole idea of assessment up in the air, what merit will the SATS have left? (I suppose the question could be, have they ever had any merit?)

Without consistency in the transfer of results, how will they provide any valuable information for schools? Many secondary schools glance at the results but a majority of secondaries re-assess the pupils when the arrive using their own assessment tools.

So let’s suppose you have new pupils come to your primary from another school? How useful will their data be if you are using a completely different system? How will we know how ‘reliable’ the data is?

Staff and our school partnership have been discussing assessment. The idea of converting to something new is unsettling for all of us. I think we are mainly unnerved about the ‘uncertain.’ However, we are currently using APP. It works for is and it is proving to be a useful tool. The key word being ‘useful.’ There is no advantage to something that doesn’t serve a purpose or that is not ‘useful.’ APP is now doing just that, teachers understand it, children are used to it and parents are finally beginning to understand the levels that are the outcome of these assessments.

Furthermore, how will there be any comparison between years of data, if RaiseOnline and Fischer Family Trust disappears? There must be some consistency between year to year data for comparison reasons. With assessment changing, how will this be done?

At the moment APP works for us. We won’t be changing our assessment methods any time soon.

It would be interesting to hear what other schools in other counties are doing? What will your approach to assessment look like next year? If you are changing things, what was the reason for this?

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