May Day…..

I was saying today that every weekend should be three days long, it makes such a difference….everything has been much more relaxed and leisurely, a real rest. But, things have been far too quiet without my daughter at home. So glad that we have her back this evening!

I feel much more ready to tackle the week ahead of us. There is so much to do this week, but with a to-do list, I should be able to tick everything off bit by bit, getting it done and prepared for the end of the year.

It seems crazy that we are already planning for the end of this year, thinking about September already. My first year of headship will finally come to an end….I will have to re-name this blog something else.

Tonight I am just thankful for my family and the time I have with them. I am thankful that my daughter has arrived home safely. I am blessed to have a job that challenges me everyday and which I love. I look forward to my weeks (maybe not as much my weekends!) with excitement, which many people cannot do.

Tonight I feel blessed for all that I have in my life, everything that makes it complete.

What are you feeling thankful for tonight?

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