A quiet weekend…..

We have been planting tomatoes today. Enjoying the beautiful weather and spending every moment outdoors. The sun shining makes everything brighter, you can tell the difference in mood in everyone you meet. The added benefit of having an extra day to enjoy the weekend helps as well.

My daughter is on a school trip this weekend so the house is quieter than usual. Things seem so strange without her, but I’m sure we are the last thing on her mind at the moment as she is probably loving the independence and the thrill of being in a foreign country with her friends.

Travelling brings with it so many new and exciting opportunities. Growing up in America, I can see the differences in attitude between travelling there and here. I suppose travelling to foreign countries seems easier and more achievable here than in the USA. Being immersed in a foreign culture allows us to experience traditions, foods and languages other than our own. These experiences are more influential on our life than we often realise. I had grown up in four different countries by the time I was ten and the events I experienced during these years have been pivotal in making me who I am today.

So go out and explore the places around you. Learn about the cultures that make up this world. The stories that you uncover will allow you to perceive your life in new ways…..travelling the world opens your eyes and mind to things once unimaginable…

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