Everything’s going to be all right….

Leadership brings with it ‘big’ responsibility. It means that we will always hear the complaints more than we will hear the praise, question ourselves a hundred times over before making a critical decision and always have to make those difficult decisions that others are glad they are not having to do.

Leadership has its ups and its downs like any other role, but its rewards far outweigh the tedious and dubious aspects. As a leader we have to accept that the actions we take will be scrutinised, we will be watched carefully and when we make mistakes ( which will happen! ), people will take notice and love to tell you about it!

There will be times where you are a hundred percent certain about a decision you are making and then due to various circumstances, will doubt yourself and question every aspect in minute detail.

I have learnt that you have to lead with courage, having conviction in what you believe. Be transparent, be honest and always lead with integrity. You may not be liked by everyone and there will always be someone who doesn’t agree. This is what comes with leadership.

At the end of the day you have to believe in yourself. Things always work themselves out……everything will be all right. Remain positive and keep smiling….no one wants a leader with a frown!

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