Thinking about leadership….Part 3…

Back to leadership today…..

Leadership is about admitting your mistakes. We all make mistakes, but a leader often takes the mistakes of others on their own shoulders, like the phrase goes, “take one for the team….” Far too often I have seen leaders who do just the opposite, blaming their colleagues for things that they had done, or being very quick to place the blame on someone else. This does mean that as leaders, we have to have very broad shoulders as blame is very quickly placed on those in charge!

Being able to admit when you are wrong, is a skill that we all need as humans, but very few of us learn how to do it. We don’t always have the answers and a leader needs to know who to turn to for help when it is necessary. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is essential. When you become a leader you are often thrown into completely new or unknown territory. There will be things that are new to you. For instance, as a headteacher you are suddenly expected to know about heating systems, boilers, plumbing, electrics-the list goes on and on. You could pretend for a while that you are an expert at it all, but it won’t take long before this facade falls down! If I am unsure about anything, I always seek advice. I would rather get another opinion just to be sure of any decision I make that I am not one hundred percent certain about. The ability to ask for help is crucial. It seems such an easy thing to do, but you would be surprised at how reticent people are to do this. We have to accept that we aren’t masters of all trades!

This makes me come back to the ever important ‘partnerships’ and ‘networks’ you build up as a leader as these are fundamental for collaboration and your own personal development.

We will come onto this in part four of the leadership series……

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