Building networks….spreading your roots…

I’m realising more and more what people mean when they say that headship can be a lonely place. Sometimes there are issues that you really feel as though you need to talk through with someone but there are often issues that you just can’t talk through with anyone on staff. You need someone who understands the issues you are facing, understands the contexts and structures of the schooling system, yet who isn’t wrapped up in the same one as you.

This is why working with and maintaining partnerships with other headteachers, to me, is crucial for my own development but for my sanity as well.

The networks I have built up through social media and through various other educational organisations have been paramount.

Today I met with another headteacher and we were discussing how you can become very inward looking just remaining within your own partnership. Therefore, we felt it necessary to branch out, joining with other schools and existing partnerships and even joining newly formed networks of schools all seeking the same type of collaboration.

I have worked with so many leaders who seem to be reluctant to work with others outside of their schools, always competing or trying to remain secretive about what is going on within their walls. Shouldn’t we all be sharing excellent practice, sharing what works and what raises achievement? We shouldn’t be competitive to the point that our judgement is clouded and we don’t accept outside support, we should care about raising attainment of all children whether they are in the same town, city or county. We should be sharing best practice to improve outcomes for all children.

The way to achieve this is by working together in partnership.

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3 Responses to Building networks….spreading your roots…

  1. Great post!
    Leadership is more about giving than taking, if you don’t get that then you are not a leader you are a manager at best. Job title is not an indication of leadership. Leadership can certainly be lonely, but it is always worth it! I love how you can connect with like minded individuals and groups to share experience and support each other and ignore those who hoard knowledge for self gratification

  2. Sounds like you are describing what happens in during the Headspace programme. Have a look at the website or get in touch with me

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