Making progress….step by step…….

I have been looking at the school development plan today. Before I began looking at it, I thought that not much has been completed. But when you delve down into the finer details, you realise that actually much has been accomplished.

We don’t realise how much takes place in a day, in a week, in a month. We get so wrapped up in the minutes and hours of the day, rushing here and there and trying to get every little last bit done, that we often don’t have time to look at the overview and to see the little accomplishments.

It was heartening to look at the development plan in this way. As it was only recently finalised in January, I was dubious at how much progress had taken place. But now, having gone through the plan, it is clear that we have made huge steps forward. Yes, there are still things to be done (there will always be things to be done!), but large actions have been highlighted as having been completed. This is progress!

As I have mentioned before, it is great to get things finally up and running. I don’t know how other new heads feel when they are in their first year, but sometimes it seems a steep hill to get things organised and operating in the way that you feel comfortable with. There are so many different milestones in the year, which are completely different from one school to another. It is at these times that you wonder whether you should change things now, or reflect on them, allow them to stay the same this year and then change them the following year. I have been so overtly aware during the year of changing things. I haven’t wanted to change things just for the sake of changing things……I have really deliberated over any new changes and thought about the impact they would have on the children. If the impact would be undoubtedly positive, there has been nothing to consider. But, if the impact is more questionable, I have usually kept things the same for the time being. I have been in situations where leaders have changed things just to make the change. Not only does this affect staff morale, but I question the effect it then has on the pupils.

I have been joking that people had better watch out for September! My first year will be up and then things will really get rolling!

When you took over a leadership position, how did you deal with change?

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