Another term ensues……

It doesn’t take long for the holidays to quickly fly by and for work to be back on the horizon.

It is amazing how time somehow glides by, silently, until we notice when so much has passed that we sit back, astonished at all that has happened and all the hours that have slipped by.  

We now only have one full term left.  It seems as though I only just started at my school, it still seems so new and fresh. I suppose this is a good thing – newness means that inspiration can still freely flow.  There is still so much to do!  I keep thinking about all the things that have taken place – all the new initiatives, changes, etc.  But yet, there is still so much left that needs to be done.  

One thing that has definitely taken place over these past few terms, is that while I have been settling in, I have become much more assured of myself and of the decisions that I have to take.  There have been some very difficult decisions, but I am much more confident in my understanding of the school and the context I am working in, to know that I am making the right decisions based on the evidence in front of me.  I always feel as though if I keep the children’s best interests at heart, then I can’t go far wrong!

So, the new term awaits, beckoning, waiting to unfurl.  A term of exciting possibilities and a term to prepare for another year.  I have always seen this term, not only as the final term for our year 6, but as the term we prepare for September.  There is so much to get done during this term to ensure that September begins seamlessly, that all the critical things are in place, that everyone is sure of the day to day running of business, everyone is sure of their role they play in the bigger picture. This is our final term, to make sure our school year starts as we mean to finish – ‘outstanding’ in every minute aspect.  It is the details that form the bigger picture.  So as long as the details are completed with perfection, then the outcomes will be excellent as well.

This year has been a lot about team building.  Not only have I had to establish my place within the group, but we have all had to learn how to work with each other in new and different ways.  This is essential.  We must work as a team, together, to work towards providing an education of excellence.

Let’s see what the new term brings……

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