Moving forwards….

My daughter said that my blog should be about leaving behind our past and moving forwards. During the morning church service there was a baptism. It was clear my daughter was paying attention because that is what they were talking about before the baptism took place. It was the first one she has witnessed so it has obviously left an impression on her.

I also attended the sunrise service at the church linked to my school. I could have easily slept past the alarm going off just after five, but I am so glad I decided to go. It really was a lovely service. We started off in the darkness of the church while we sang and listened to the story unfold. Slivers of light from the sunrise slowly started to shine through panes of the stained glass windows. Halfway through the service we went outside to light our candles on the fire that had been lit just outside the church doors. These candles then lit the words for the hymns we sang as we walked back into church. By the end of the service, enough light had been lit so that a cross, suspended from the ceiling, finally became apparent. It hung there, wrapped in delicate flowers, a reminder of why we celebrate Easter, a reminder of sacrifice and love.

So simple, but so powerful.

We then shared breakfast together. There were only a few of us who had pulled ourselves out of bed, but the quietness and simplicity of it all made it so much more special. I think it will become my new Easter tradition, perhaps next year I can lure my family out of bed with me!

We have so many chances throughout the year to leave behind our past and to move forwards. We forget this. Each new day brings this opportunity….it is just up to us to change the course of our path….we just have to choose the time to do it. We are always given the chance to amend our wrongs, to make things right, to forgive and to be forgiven.

Easter is about remembering what has been given for us, to believe in Him who makes all things possible. It is a time to believe in the ‘impossible’ truly becoming ‘possible’.

It is a new season….yet another chance to live life to the fullest and to give as much of ourselves as we can.

Happy Easter everyone…….

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