Lego, Lego and More Lego…

My son must have one of the largest Lego collections a boy could have. We have started a, I suppose you could call it a tradition, of having a new Lego set for him to assemble during his holidays. So, for instance, he received a new Lego set for his birthday, but the drawback is that he has to keep it until his next half term. So, you could say this is one of his highlights during his break.

This holiday, he put together the Lego train set (given to him for his birthday by his granny in London). We decided to film him putting the set together from beginning to end using time lapse. He completes then fairly quickly. There are so many tiny pieces, but I always imagine the final model to be much larger than it actually is.

It is remarkable watching the time lapse video, as it shows him building the set from the very opening of the box to the final completed track in under a minute.

My husband has now bought him the set of the boat from the Lego movie. It is for ages 14+, but we think my son will find it not only challenging but very exciting. We are hoping it takes him longer to put this set together, even perhaps a few days! It seems that he throws the sets together so quickly that the thrill of a new set doesn’t last as long as it could. The main enjoyment with Lego is putting it together – obviously you can keep putting your old sets back together, but it just isn’t the same as opening up a fresh new box.

Using Lego at school is expensive, but again, well-worth it. I haven’t yet met a child not enticed by the colourful bricks and new models that can be built by a mixed box of Legos. It helps them to become builders and engineers, to think like architects, visualising and realising their plans.

Open a box if Legos and see if you can refrain from wanting to create something…..go ahead….try it…..

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