A Good, Good Friday….

I tried to get as many children down into town to sing for the Good Friday event this morning. We had a few, but it is difficult when it is the Easter holidays, many children and their families are away.

It is wonderful being such a part of the community. We are representatives of our school, beacons of our school values and true models of Christian character.

Even though there were only a few of us, we were the only school who showed up to sing! That must count for something!

It is important for us to be visible in the community, involved in local events. It is about extending our services beyond our school gates, becoming what I call ‘service’ minded. To become the heart of the community, we cannot stand stagnant in our little patch, but rather must spread ourselves across our community by becoming highly visible and crucial elements of various events and causes. We need to be helping and making a positive contribution to our community.

How do you ensure your school is visible in your community? How do you extend beyond the school gates?

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