Teaching New Skills….

My daughter prepared and cooked her first full meal for us as a family. She decided in a more simple menu than she had previously anticipated as I think she realised how much preparation would be needed.

She started with a rustic mozzarella, tomato and onion salad. She was going to make her own pizza bread, but decided that buying some focaccia would save her time. She then made a bacon and pea penne pasta dish that was laced with garlic and onion. It was really delicious! My son had two enourmous bowlfuls, testament to how good it really was.

Finally for dessert she had made chocolate Easter nests, with a dollop of butterscotch flavoured Angel Delight to allow the mini eggs to nestle nicely inside. I have to say that I was very impressed by what she had placed in front of us. There was only a little bit of help from me but the rest was done completely on her own. She had even gone so far as to place a bowl of already grated cheese as well as a ramekin full of chopped up parsley to use as garnish, placed in the centre if the table. She had thought if everything.

Chopping onions, frying bacon, perfectly seasoning sauces, and sautéing garlic are all skills that will bode her well whether cooking for herself or for others. I don’t want her to be reaching for pre-packaged foods or microwave meals. Healthy and nutritious is the name of the game!

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