Ready to get back to it….and letting children just ‘be.’

Finally starting to walk normally again. I’m still extremely sore but I have made myself walk more and more today which has allowed me to ease the tension out of my muscles and joints. So I’m hoping that by tomorrow morning, I really will feel like running again!

I love the fact that I still have a week to spend with my family. We are enjoying the weather and time we are spending together.

It is these moments that are the most precious, the moments we will always remember,the moments that we will always try to recapture.

We don’t really ever plan for our weeks off (whether good or bad) but allow things to happen as we think of them. We are spontaneous. But, just as important, our children do not need to be kept busy, they are happy to keep themselves busy and are able to find things to do to keep them entertained. They play, they are able to just be, they are able to go into the garden and explore….they are left to be children. Although we want our children to be given every opportunity that is available, we actually pay a disservice to our children if they begin to expect us, as parents, to keep them busy. They begin to lose the ability to be creative, to imagine and to be content by themselves…..this truly is an important skill they need to learn. It will make their lives happier and you much less stressed!

The art of just being…..

We are too occupied by electronics….we shouldn’t wait for a power outage before we have to think of other things to keep us occupied!

How can you begin to instil this in your family? How often do you turn off everything, just to ‘be?’ What would you do?

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