The day after….

My legs are still sore. I am still walking around like a wounded animal, hurting in muscles that I didn’t even know I had!

I read in a running magazine that the best thing to do was to get right back into training the day after a marathon. Are they serious? I can barely walk let alone bring myself to a jog! That must be advice for the Mo Farahs of the world.

I am realising though, no matter how much my body wants to resist it, moving around is the best way to recovery. I feel my whole body seizing up and becoming stiff after laying around for a prolonged time.

Even though I didn’t complete the marathon in the time I expected, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I finished at least and made it to the end. Next year I can aim for a more challenging goal, but for now I am proud of my medal!

A real sense of accomplishment has come from people sending me their words of support and encouragement. People actually telling me how proud they are of me and what an example I have been. You don’t think about any of that going into the race….so that has been a terrific and unexpected result.

You can’t possibly imagine what running such a long distance is like until you actually do it. This video clip highlights some of the thought processes you might actually experience during the marathon.


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