The countdown has begun!

Okay, now only two more sleeps. This is the official countdown!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to UNICEF so far. A few people on Twitter have been talking about the run on Sunday – so I know there will be done incredible people running for some truly amazing causes. It is the stories behind some of the runners or the reasons they are supporting their charities that I find so compelling.

I watch the marathon every year. Well, when I say watch, I mean I have the channel on first thing in the morning and sit down every so often to really watch, but it is a hard thing to watch all morning for the sheer duration of the coverage. I know last year while watching it I definitely didn’t think I’d be running it this year. I always have thought that I would love to run it some day, but did not expect it so soon!

I tried my heart monitor on today. My resting heart rate is around 65 so I’m now working out my target heart rate zone, maximum, etc. Really, all I think I need to know is when my heart is pumping too fast and I just need to slow down!

My daughter has been doing some short runs with me. It has been great taking her along and seeing her build up her stamina. This is the main thing that many children don’t practice. Endurance is vital for cross country and competitive athletic events. This is why we are looking into starting a run club at our school; so children can build up their longevity with their runs. So even just being able to run for a solid twenty minutes helps them build up to races and more trying courses. It is a sport that we can all do, all that is needed is a pair of running shoes and off you go!

A great way to stay active, clear your head, see the scenery and enjoy the fresh air.

So, go grab your trainers and see where they take you.

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