I am ready to run!

I have my race number ready for Sunday. I figured I better get down to London as quickly as I could to register – it was a much quicker and smoother process than I imagined.

So, I’m ready – my husband has now bought me a heart monitor so that I don’t suddenly fall out. I am starting to get a bit nervous about the whole thing …. I won’t know what I’ve got myself into until after the run on Sunday. I have already started talking about next years marathon and I haven’t even done this one yet! I think headship has started making me think irrationally!

Now that I’m all kitted out, I’m actually really excited. Even if I don’t make it running the whole way, I will be happy just to cross the finish line. I know on the day that the crowd will get my adrenaline pumping, so I think I will need to be careful about not pushing myself too hard.

I am going to tweet my way around the course, so every do often I will tweet my progress (or lack thereof!). I thought my family could easily keep track of where I was with quick updates.

I am looking forward to it….I’m also looking forward to meeting some incredible people.

If anyone would like to sponsor me, that would be terrific as well. I am running for UNICEF, so all the money raised will go towards their work.

Thank you and wish me luck!

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