Getting to the finish line…..

So, something I haven’t mentioned, I’m running the London Marathon this Sunday.

It was one of those things that seemed like a really great idea when I signed up to it. It is a great idea, still. I had just secured my first headship, I was ecstatic but thought I needed a new challenge, something to work towards (as if the first – or any year of headship – wasn’t enough of a challenge already).

I can’t say it has been easy to fit in all the training, especially during the winter months when the mornings and evenings are just as dark as each other. Now that the days are longer and brighter, training has been more of a welcome experience, a chance to relax and get rid of pent up frustrations or just a way to clear my mind ready for the next day.

I am really looking forward to Sunday, the experience of if most of all. I’m not usually one for massive crowds but this is a different sort of mass entourage, we are in it together, all hoping to get to the end, all running with some cause in mind. We are competing with each other but still working together.

People keep asking me what time I am hoping to finish with. Please don’t ask me this question! I am just hoping to actually make it to the finish line. Well, as long as I do it in under seven hours I will be happy – you only get a finisher medal if you achieve this time. I hope I am not running for seven hours – I have never run for that long at one stretch!

I do love to run, I suppose we will see just how far this love extends come Sunday.

Once I register I know the ‘realness’ of what I have actually signed up to do will hit me.

So, will I be seeing you at the starting line?

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