What are your reading habits?

“I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

~JK Rowling~

If you are like me, you have piles of books that are longing to be read.  Books, un-creased, waiting for their pages to be turned. 

Upstairs and downstairs, by the bed, in the office, by the couch….they are always there, lurking.

I have my professional books, about teaching, about leadership about inspiring others to follow.  I also have the books my mum has suggested, or books that have been sent to me, or books that I have picked up from the bookstore from my gift vouchers given to me at the end of school terms. 

Just the other weekend, my mum and I went to Waterstones, the one in Notting Hill – with floors of books, tables laden with new books, with bookcovers that lure you in.  Staff members picks, local people’s picks, my mum telling me which ones I should get…..it is all too much!  I could spend hours in a bookshop, admiring the covers, flicking through the pages, just wanting to feel the texture of the pages between my fingertips.  There is something so special about a book.  I haven’t yet understood the Kindle – it might come, but I like having a book in my hands, I like being able to turn the pages and hear the crispness of the paper as I do.   A Kindle just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal…..but then again, I haven’t tried one, so I’m not putting off the idea altogether!

I can’t get rid of books.  I collect them, they then collect dust, but I cannot bear the thought of having to part with them.  They are memories, stories that I don’t want to forget within their pages.  Many of them have notes that I have scrawled on the margins or are highlighted – since high school, I have always enjoyed studying the books – underlining quotes or statements that I hope to use again or hope to never forget.

The problem is that my collection only gets bigger – it never gets smaller.  My husband is catching on as well – he tends to keep to the non-fiction, filled with facts and historical data, but they try to entice me as well.  So, surrounded by these books – I will often begin reading more than one at a time……and then I will crack open another. I will always have a ‘work’ book and a ‘relax’ book on the go, but I enjoy them both equally.  I even have books that I have read almost to the end, but then I put away because I don’t want to finish them.  We joke about ‘osmosis’ and being able to sleep with a book under our pillows and waking in the morning remembering every minute detail.  Imagine how knowledgeable we would be!

If only we could get every child we teach to be so enthused about reading – to savour each word, but to impatiently and greedily make their way through each chapter until the story unfurls and completes itself.  But, I know that all it takes is a good book and a truly inspiring teacher to instil a love of reading.

There are so many books and so little time to just sit and enjoy the stories and the wisdom that comes from them.  Today, I have started a new one…..so I’m going back to become completely and utterly engrossed in the characters, the plot, and the story.

Until tomorrow……   

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One Response to What are your reading habits?

  1. bootsie777 says:

    I am reading a book now called BUTTER. It is a really good book I recommend it to you. But first read WONDER. They are really outstanding books. Go ahead and read them. Put those books in your stack. Next to your bed,office and couch.

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