Facing Defeat…..

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

In life we will face defeat at some time. It is what we do with the defeat afterwards that will define the final outcome.  Many of us struggle with failure and lack the ‘bounce-back-ability’ that is needed to be resilient. Our resiliency is key in how we deal with setbacks in our life.  We either learn from these obstacles, or we continue to face them and continue to stumble.

When things are going well and I am faced with a ‘stumbling block,’ I am usually humbled, put back in my place and am forced to readjust my attitude (wrongly or rightly). Perhaps it is God’s way of making me realign my values with His priorities and to refocus on what is important. It may be His way of teaching me a life lesson, one that He hopes I will understand and gain wisdom from.

Whatever the reason behind life’s ‘failures’ that we will encounter, there is a reason for them.  It is how we react to them that really define our character and who we are.  We cannot let these small mishaps get us down for long – we need to step up to the plate and evaluate where we need to go, what our next course of action will be.  Failure should make us want to prove to ourselves how much better we can become, how we can rise from the ashes, stronger, smarter and more steadfast.

It is what we do with our failure that matters.

Failure will come at some point to all of us, it can end up being a good thing – not usually a welcome experience, but often necessary to bring us back down to earth to re-evaluate our practice and our perseverance. We learn the most life lesson from our mistakes. Our biggest challenge is making the most of these lessons so that we don’t make the same mistakes again, but rather that we become wiser and more knowledgeable about the paths that we should take.

What have been your biggest lessons learned from past mistakes?

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    Thank you for letting me know this! I have now changed it to ‘unknown.’

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