End of term feeling…

At the end of term you can feel the tiredness kicking in. It is the children who you can see are quickly growing more weary by the day. The adults feel exhausted, so the children must be feeling just as worn out, if not more so.

We put so much into the days at school, our hearts, our passion, our best, our everything….we don’t stop. There isn’t one child who we can let pass us by, without putting as much effort into to ensure they achieve their true potential. Good results aren’t enough, pushing children to achieve the ultimate goal is what we are in this profession for. It is about finding those kids who are doing well but challenging them to do even better.

Every day counts so we can’t let the ball drop for a moment. Inspiring, engaging, motivating at every level….we plan to make children curious, to inquire about the world around them, to want to seek out even more.

It is this adrenaline that keeps us going, that keep us fighting to not give up but to always find that small spark even in the child that is the most defiant.

We are in it to make a difference, to change lives and improve outcomes. We are in it for Elizabeth, for Darcy, for Natalie, for Seth or whatever children we have in our classroom this year.

They make being tired well worth it, well worth the struggles, the pain, the heartache, the ups and the downs.

So now it is time for us to put up our feet and rest for awhile so we can prepare ourselves to do it all again…..

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One Response to End of term feeling…

  1. It’s amazing how much this sounds like parenting! But of course, billions of people have raised their own children. It takes a special kind of person to want to help raise someone else’s children and work tirelessly to do so. Keep up the good work.

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