Modelling what we expect….

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

~James A. Baldwin~

So my son said something that resonated with me this evening. He caught me checking e-mails on my phone this evening and looked at me with those smiling eyes and said, “Mama, you shouldn’t be on your phone, if we don’t get electronics during the week, neither should you!” He then remarked, “As a family, we should be doing the same.”

I explained that we don’t let them watch TV or play their play stations during the week so that they can focus on schoolwork…..he understood this.

But, he has made a very important point. Children look up to their parents and copy our habits. For instance, on a weekend evening I might switch off the TV and read a book and they usually follow suit. I don’t have to ask them, they just are copying what they see. So, if we as parents don’t model what we expect from our children then we can expect them not to always do what we say.

They always say that children try to do better than their parents, which is why education has always been so important for me.
Therefore, if I can achieve a PhD, my children should be very ambitious!

We should be setting our expectations for our children by modelling them ourselves. Our actions set the best example. We need to keep in mind what our children see us doing-if it is something that we wouldn’t want our children to mimic then we need to question if we should be doing it ourselves.

What habits do you need to change? Think about the habits you want your children to have and begin thinking about ways to make them stick.

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