Thank God for Spring….

Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.
~Maltbie D. Babcock~

Spring cleaning makes you feel so fresh and much more organised….there is still so much to organise, but at least I am closer to it all being done!

We got out in the garden and re-planted some of the pots so at least there are some bursts of colour now on our patio. The kids also planted their peas ready for picking in summer.

Now, we are just about to snuggle down to watch Planes (I cannot believe we haven’t watched it yet!) and pop a couple of bags of popcorn.

This is what gets me through my weeks sometimes, knowing the cosy routines of family life at home. I love my job but I look forward to my early evenings and weekends with family. I really do have the best of both worlds.

I am so blessed. I know I keep saying it, but it is so true! At school we have been working on putting up our leaves on our ‘Blessing Tree,’ but sometimes I can see it is easier for people to complain or want something that they don’t have, rather than to think of all the things they should be thankful for. It is about getting everyone to switch around their thinking and no matter what situation they might be facing, focusing on the positives.

It is a mindset, one that even as adults, we still need to train ourselves to have.

Look around you; thank God for all that you see….start counting your blessings today and watch how your attitude transforms, as well as that of those around you…..

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