The people who make us who we are……

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
~Alex Haley~

I have been thinking a lot about carrot cake today. My granny bought me one every so often, you know the kind, with the perfectly sculpted miniature carrots that line the outer edge. It has always been my favourite cake. I am not a cake kind of gal, but put a carrot cake In front of me, and it will disappear within minutes (just for the record I have not yet ever eaten a carrot cake by myself!)

Thinking about carrot cake naturally makes me think about my granny. There is always something during the day that reminds me of her. She was my confidante, my best friend, the one who grounded me, guided me, and also made me re-evaluate my opinions on things. She instilled strong values and morals within me, without even realising it.

Some of my fondest memories were the days and nights I spent with her. Nights, tossing playing cards into a top hat to see who could get the most in, then piling mounds of ice cream into bowls, heaped with any chocolate, sweets and sauces we could find, then laughing like giddy school girls late into the evening.

It’s funny how the paths we take, lead us to the point we are at currently in our life. There are so many diversions we could have taken, that would of changed the course of our lives completely. Every decision that we have made, has led us to this exact moment in our life.

My granny would of been proud of me….to be a great grandmother to two wonderful children and to see the family that I now have. When I was last with her, I was still in high school and playing volleyball at all hours of the day, still oblivious to what my future held.

But she knew. She always told me I would do something to change the world, that I would make a difference.

She would be overjoyed with the profession I went into. She always just wanted me to pursue my dreams, to never look back, to never have regrets, but, above all, to be happy and to smile through it all.

She is my inspiration. No matter where I go or what I do, she will always be the one I come back to.

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