Sharing Practice – Sustaining Excellence

Our staff meeting tonight focused on teachers sharing their new knowledge from recent professional development courses they had attended. It gets boring hearing from me all the time, so having teachers who have come back inspired to try new things are in the ideal frame of mind to share their learning with the rest of their colleagues.

It is an excellent way to get new ideas to take off. Teachers are leading and getting others to ‘buy into’ the idea of trying something new. The conversations begin and before you know it everyone is agreeing to try something new. Within the span of half of a staff meeting enough passion and curiosity can be ignited across all of the teachers ranging from EYFS to year six, for something new to take place across the school. This is powerful.

I could have easily tried to implement what we were discussing myself, but when the teachers have taken it on board themselves it makes it all the more meaningful and the impact will be lasting. It just means that sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the right circumstances (courses, teachers’ interests, etc), but it will be worth it. The results will speak for themselves.

The idea of ‘teachers as leaders’ is something I strongly believe in. Teachers should begin taking the lead on various issues- sharing their knowledge and helping both support and influence other colleagues at all levels.

How do teachers take on leadership roles in your school? How is ‘outstanding practice’ shared from teacher to teacher?

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