Bringing reading back……

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.
~William Styron~

Today we had a Readathon at school. I remember my school had something similar when I was young, we all piled into the hall with our sleeping bags and books. So, after school some of the children and their parents settled down for two hours of reading. Two of the teachers and myself included, made ourselves comfortable and read our books as well.

There weren’t many of us there, but the children who participated clearly loved to read. We all read for two solid hours with a break for flapjacks, brownies and squash.

Two things occurred to me while I was lying on a gymnastics mat reading my book this evening;

1. Children don’t often see adults reading. Having the teachers modelling this was an excellent thing. In a day in age where technology seems to take precedence, reading is a rarity. For children to see adults enjoying this past-time, makes them want to try it as well (especially boys, when they see their dads reading).

2. A different crowd of children engaged in this activity rather than the children who normally attend after school clubs. Considering most of our after school clubs are sports related, it shows that something as simple as ‘reading’ still sparks interest! One boy in year six said that tonight was, “his heaven!” I think that says it all.

It is reassuring to see that television sets, computer games and mobile phones haven’t completely stolen the joys of getting lost within the pages of a novel. There is magic with each turn of the paper between your fingers, as a story line unfurls, leaving you breathless, on the edge of your seat, or in admiration of the characters that you have soon become acquainted with.

Reading transports you to another time, another land. It lets you forget about reality while becoming entangled in an enchanted adventure or a dark mystery.

Reading gives you a chance to escape and imagine…..something that we can often find hard to make time for anymore… go relax, unwind and get your nose buried deep within a book!

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2 Responses to Bringing reading back……

  1. We’re having a reading week, I’m glad to see other schools are going back to basics too. I had a lovely morning, reading picture books with some of our tougher Year 6 boys.

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