Back into the classroom……

“They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
~Carol Buchner~

I had the pleasure of getting back into the classroom today. It has been difficult finding time to do this on a regular basis. It is one thing to take out small groups, but being able to get into class again made me remember why I got into this job in the first place.

I remember my first teaching practice, getting the chills when the class just walked into the room for the first time.
I was so excited about becoming a teacher and having the responsibility of helping to teach the children, to inspire them, to get them to become confident and courageous. And what a responsibility it is….the Bible tells us that teachers will be judged the harshest. Therefore, it is so crucial that we are their role models, the ones they can look up to, the ones they can rely on. Teachers are often the only ‘stability’ that some children have in their lives. This is a fact we need to remain incredibly aware of.

Children watch everything we do, they ‘clock’ every movement, everything we say….they hang on our every word if they hold us in high regard. This makes it especially important, as both teachers and parents, of being consistent in what we do and what we say. As my husband always quotes, “Let your yes be yes and your no mean no.” What we say must be truth and the children should have complete trust in everything we say.

Children will remember their teachers, they will remember the ones who made them think outside of the box, the ones who challenged them to reach higher than they thought they could. Above all, a teacher who creates enough of a sense of security and safety within their four walls will allow all of their children to flourish, even allowing those hidden deep in their shell of self-doubt, to suddenly emerge – a metamorphosis.

It is these moments that compel us to teach………

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