Just another Saturday morning!

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.
~Bill Watterson~

It is Saturday morning and I am in Notting Hill sitting in my car so I do not get a ticket. The parking here is crazy – you can only park in the same place for four hours and of course the charging time is five hours. So you have a few options: sit in your car until 9:30 and then pay the four hour charge ( which is the option I have chosen), pay for an hour and then move from your parking spot ( which is just outside of your mum’s front door) and drive around for another hour looking for a parking space (knowing everyone is here Saturday morning to do their shopping), park over a mile or so away, or pay for the four hours and then have to cut your lunch short (remember it would be around 12:30 at this time) and run back to the house to move your car and be faced with all of the aforementioned dilemmas again. London parking drives me crazy!

I am feeling slightly cold and quite awkward, especially as people pass me wondering why I am sitting in here in with my pyjamas on. If they could see my feet they would be even more curious as I only have socks on. I had left my shoes upstairs and did not have time to run up the four or five or however many flights of stairs my mum has, to go get them! I was tempted to wear my step-dad’s shoes that were sitting by the door but thought that would just draw even more attention that I just do not want this morning! (Writing my blog on my phone is not quite as fast as on my computer – strange words keep popping up as well! I may have to go back through and read this one before I publish it or it may make absolutely no sense at all!)

So, you may be thinking that I really have gone mad sitting in my parked car, in the cold, in my pyjamas with no shoes on…..but I will be feeling rather elated when I can go out with my mum for the rest of the day and not worry about rushing back to move my car again. Am I the only one who does things like this? Further, why do I always feel like I am doing something wrong or feel guilty because I am not following the rules!!! If this is the worst I have done my track record is pretty good!!! But I do have this slight twinge and a feeling as though I am being a total rebel. Hmmm…

But, then at 12:30 I will be wondering where people are rushing off to and secretly thinking, that they too should have just sat in their car! I only have 15 minutes left, no parking attendant has come yet, and what a relaxed and carefree day I am now going to have!

Sitting in your car, looking like you might be trying to steal the car, rather than actually being the owner, will be worth it today, especially when it means I can spend quality time with my mum for the rest of the day without having to worry about parking, of all things!!

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