Making Change Purposeful….

“An organisations ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly; is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

~Jack Welch~

Learning walks around school have been highlighting the fantastic work that teachers are doing to embed new practice. I have been absolutely stunned with how quickly the teachers have worked to display information about our ‘Be the Best You Can Be,’ program and our work on ‘Learning’ with Di Pardoe. We have purple buses in classrooms and children are talking about being ‘purple learners!’ It is truly amazing to see how quickly things are becoming embedded and how fluently children are already talking about the changes.

The reason why these changes are so apparent, is that teachers have taken on the learning themselves and are clearly engaged with the process. Therefore, they have been working towards this shared vision with energy and enthusiasm. As they have been inspired by the training that Di Pardoe has given, they have put their energy into putting the new systems and methods in place.

During lesson observations, these changes are clearly apparent and the children are able to talk about the process and why what they are doing is important. After a year of working towards this with everyone working together to implement the changes, it will be interesting to see what transformation has actually taken place in school. The key thing is that what we are doing is working to improve practice and to improve ‘learning’ for us and our children. If this hasn’t taken place, then there was no need to begin it in the first place. Purposeful change must be implemented only if it will transform things and improve practice. Change must not happen just for the sake of ‘change.’

This is one of the arguments that I used to have. Everyone always said when I became head to go in and make some evident changes from day one. However, what is the point of making changes when either they are not needed or they won’t improve things. Therefore, I think change must be considered carefully. Obviously, if the change is as minor as changing the wall paper in the front office, this is different. But changes to practice and routine – these need to be thought through and discussed.

Change brings about anxiety in others, therefore, to help with this process everyone needs to be involved.

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