P for Passion…….

A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron. 
~Horace Mann~
Teaching with passion ignites children’s curiosity and can engage them profoundly.  It is clear to see when a teacher has passion for what they are teaching, or when they are passionate about getting children to ‘learn.’  It transforms a lesson and captures the audience’s attention.
I now have ‘passion’ as one of the key items that I am looking for in a lesson observation, both, passion from the teacher and passion from the pupils.    What this equates to, is a teacher who can keep children’s attention, one who sparks imagination and gets children to seek out knowledge.
It is about making children independent learners, inquisitive about the world around them, inspired to find out even more about a particular topic they have been covering in class.
When a teacher is clearly not enthused about teaching a topic, you can tell and the children can as well.  This is then represented in their work and effort in the classroom. 
As a teacher there are always areas that you are less confident teaching or particular topics that you just wish you didn’t have to cover.  When I have to teach things like this, I go out of my way to find something that interests me about that topic, I spin it on its head and find the exciting bits.  When I then find the excitement in what I am teaching, I can relay this onto the children.  I talk about this with the kids as well.  I explain that not everything will excite them and teach them ways to tackle things that bore them. 
As teachers we have to model the learning journey.  Teaching children how to overcome obstacles in their way is part of this process.  It is our job as teachers to make the mundane exciting and to highlight the reasons behind what we are teaching and why it is prevalent for them as learners.
Our job is to engage the children and to inspire them to be ‘lifelong learners.’  Therefore, we need to do whatever it takes to make the boring, exciting and the dull, inspiring. Lighting the flame of learning for every child, challenging them to find ‘learning’ in everything they do.
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