When you are passionate about learning……

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

~William Butler Yeats~

Another parent’s evening but this time for my daughter. Again, the tears welling up in my eyes every time the teachers mention how fantastic she is. (I know, I know….I’m bragging….but it is hard not to after this evening!)

We saw 11 different teachers, for all her subjects and she is exceeding not only the expected levels for the year group but above the targets set specifically for her.

I know my daughter does well and really focuses to achieve highly, but when teachers are confirming that while also telling you really personal and complimentary remarks, it makes you swell with pride. Though, as my husband says, it is all about the teaching. Clearly, she has some outstanding teachers who inspire and engage her with each topic they cover. I have never seen her so enthused by school and pushing to always do better than what is expected.

Let’s hope it continues…

At the moment the school is doing all it can to help her excel in every aspect. She is taking it all in, passionate about the challenge and eager to take on even more…

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