Where does the time go?


A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying… that he is wiser today than he was yesterday. 

~Alexander Pope~

Today I was counting the weeks to SATS, as you do.  I really don’t know where the time has gone.

It seems like only yesterday that I first walked into this headship and I’m already now six months into it.  Where has the time gone?

When you first come to a school you have so many ideas and things you want to try out.  But in reality, what you are hit with, is a new school, with new staff, who already have their own way of working.  If you were to come into a school and push all of your own ideas and values at once, it would be too much, too soon and not realistic.  Obviously things will change, but you do have to consider the changes and think about how they will impact that school.  Not everything works in every school and it can’t just be generalised that you can take one thing from one school and put it into another and expect the same results.  It doesn’t work like that.  There are so many other factors and variables that link into the outcome.

Things take time.  It also takes time for people to trust you and to understand what you are trying to do.  I came in with a vision, that I put forward to staff and shared with them.  But until they are a part of it and understand it for themselves, the vision will never come to fruition.  It is one thing to share it, but another thing for people to become a part of it, to begin working towards it and for it to become everyone’s vision.  This is the ultimate goal.

Looking back over these six months, many changes have taken place.  It is hard to gauge the feedback from others, but morale seems high and the children are happy.  There have been days where I walk out proud of my achievements and other days I wonder if I’m doing things correctly and if tomorrow things will fall apart at the seams.  It is a rollercoaster ride – but I am enjoying it and am not about to jump off anytime soon!  It is all a part of the challenge and the excitement of being in school.  No day is the same as another. 

It is one thing to implement something in school and another to ’embed’ it.  This is what I am working towards – embedding outstanding practice and making things truly become a part of what we do as a school.  Therefore, things can’t be rushed, things need to be worked towards and thought through.  I’m learning more of when to just say how things need to be and when it is vital to make everyone feel a part of certain decisions.  Coming into the job, I wanted everyone to be a part of every decision – now I realise that there are some things that I just have to decide without further consultation – the things that have become my non-negotiables.   On the other hand, it is about explaining why these ‘non-negotiables’ are so important to me, in hopes that they will come to hold them in such high regard as well.

This has been a learning journey – I’m learning new things every day and hopefully will only continue to improve my practice day by day. 

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