Leading with Confidence…….

“He can inspire a group only if he himself is filled with confidence and hope of success.

~Floyd V. Filson~

It can be difficult leading with confidence.  However, with a new term we have commenced, I feel much more empowered to do just this.  It is so important to lead with integrity and full confidence as no one wants a wavering leader!  There are times when you will be knocked back and you will doubt the decisions that you have made due to repercussions or complaints.  But, if you always lead with honesty, truth and determination you cannot go far astray. 

As a leader, mistakes are always emphasised.  I’m one of those people who admits to my mistakes, openly.  I’m always the first to put my hand up when I have done something wrong or when things haven’t quite gone to plan. Watching other leaders, I have always respected those that were able to admit their faults and held them in higher regard than those leaders who brushed things under the carpet, or further tried to place the blame on others.  When this is ever witnessed, your credibility as a leader who will support, stand up and fight for their team goes out the window.

I want to be a leader who people trust unconditionally.  A leader who people know will always stand up in the face of adversity for what is right.  A leader, not afraid to fail or to try new things…..a leader who empowers others and helps others to realise their potential….a leader who inspires.

Over these last few months, I have learnt to be more tenacious with my decisions and actions – to be more sure of who I am as a leader and to realise that as long as certain key values were a part of my influence, then my decisions were based on solid and steadfast grounding.  

I lead with my heart and what I know is right.

Sometimes I lead with my head.  A leader is someone who knows when to switch between the two to make a decision that will have the best outcome. 

I lead with others in mind – thinking about how decisions will affect the team. 

But above all, I lead with morals and faith at the core; always working towards a vision of success and constantly improving all that we do.

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