Moving onwards and upwards…….

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

It is back to work tomorrow.  I’m excited about going back, but my son is off this week for his half term, which has really thrown us this year.  At least he had Friday off last week so we were able to have a three day weekend. Well, he will have a good rest with Daddy this week at home and I’m sure they will get up to their own mischief!

I’m looking forward to this week – going back more determined about getting the school where I want it to be, more sure of myself as a new head and familiar with routines of a new school.  We have had some building work take place this half term, trying to convert cupboards into work spaces and putting up shelving to get things organised and in their proper places.  The issue we have at our school is that there is no where for us to build except up.  Our outdoor space is already limited which means that extending is out of the question.  The only place we can extend is in areas we have small courtyards and outdoor covered areas.  Our staff room is so small that we can’t even sit down all of our teachers in there at one time! Our hall only barely fits all of our pupils which means we can’t invite parents to ‘whole’ school assemblies.  Further, there is usually a line at lunch for the toilets as there are only two for adults in the school.  When I think about plans of how to make better use of the space we have, I think of the disruption that major building works will cause the pupils.  

The school has grown larger, we have over 200 pupils, but the school has not grown to accommodate this.  Therefore, we are having to be creative about where we can adapt spaces for use – which is why one of our cupboards is becoming an office and a space to work with up to two pupils.  It isn’t ideal, but it is better than not having anything at all!

So, tomorrow is about getting back into the swing of things.  We ended with an excellent week, so I’m hoping everyone comes back in full of enthusiasm and excitement for what the rest of the year will bring.

We just have to keep improving on what we are doing…..constantly making our school the very best it can be…….


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