It is okay today because it is his birthday!

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun!”
~Katherine Hepburn~

Today is my son’s birthday and we have come to my mum’s in London to celebrate. She had bought him a special birthday cake which he cut and ate almost half of! I keep murmuring…..”it is his birthday, one more won’t hurt today!” This is after he had taken a whole load of cupcakes to school, which he had two of….and had a end of term party at his school which was crammed full of sugar…I think there was only one bowl of crisps which was the only thing without sugar! But, it is his birthday!

Tomorrow he is going to his favourite restaurant and then we are going to watch the Lego movie in 3-D. He can not wait!

I tried to get everyone to watch Frozen with me, but to no avail….I love those Disney movies but my daughter and my mum had jumped on the anti-Disney bandwagon…so I had to turn it off….I will have to pop a bag of popcorn and indulge myself another night when everyone has gone to bed.

Tomorrow night we will go back home, where my son has the Lego police station waiting for him as well as the Lego cargo train set that my mum ordered for him. He is spoiled rotten!

What other profession allows you these thirteen weeks during the year to spend with your family? It is a hard job but we do have perks with it as well! No matter what type of day I have had at work though, I would not change it for the world! I can not think of a more rewarding career.

Well, my son has only just fallen asleep. We are having a sleepover at the very top of my mum’s house….I let him play his video games tonight for way longer than a ‘teacher’ would ever think was acceptable (bearing in mind he is never allowed to play them during school weeks and only for a short time in the weekends)! But it is his birthday……..

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