Counting my blessings…..

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.
~Willie Nelson~

During the half term, bedtimes are a luxury.  I’m not rushing the bedtime routine, I read through books slowly, not getting my son to turn the pages quickly but discussing the pictures in length and talking about the story in fine details.

A few weeks ago,  there was a link that was being sent around about a mother with cancer, who literally crawled up the stairs to make sure she could carry out the bedtime routine every evening, no matter what.

We take things for granted in our lives……the morning wake ups, the going to bed’s and all the mundane tasks that roll between.  However, it is us who make them ‘mundane,’ we need to begin looking for the joy and blessings in every moment we spend with others, especially our family.

Since seeing that link I have focused on not rushing bedtimes – but enjoying those quiet moments, reading, sharing our day, talking about tomorrow……these moments of whispers, cuddles and of just being…..

Some people spend their whole lives forgetting about the simple things – I can only thank God that I have realised these truths earlier on and am able to ‘now’ spend this time with my loved ones so that when I do look back over my life, I won’t regret simple moments such as these and that I will be able to say that I did pay attention to detail and contemplated the hundreds of moments such as these that comprised my days. 

I’m taking time, learning patience in all situations……I’m looking around and enjoying what my life gives me each and every day.

When you take time to realise all the blessings that surround you instead of the pitfalls in your way, things suddenly seem much brighter and obstacles not so difficult.

I am constantly counting my blessings and this is something that I try to get across to the children at school.  We have a ‘count your blessings’ tree, which we are going to begin using after half term.  The idea is for children to think about how much they have and to be thankful for the things we tend to take for granted.

What are you thankful for?  

Have you been counting your blessings today?


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