Day 2 of Reflections…….

Critical reflection facilitates transformational learning that can happen either gradually or
from a sudden or critical incident and alter the way people see themselves and their

~Baumgartner, 2001~

Reflecting again today, I am thinking about the future.  Thinking about where our school is headed and what I hope it will look like in years to come.

Another lesson that I have learnt during my first five months in headship, is that things take time.  There are obviously many things that you want to see changed as a new head, but it can’t all happen overnight.  This has probably been one of the hardest things to accept.   Even smaller things such as moving notice boards around the school, sometimes even they can’t be moved overnight!  This is why it is essential that there is a development plan in place that has timelines attached so we have a rolling plan – not a plan where everything is expected to be in place by the end of the month.  Things take time – and if things are to be fully embedded and taken on by all stakeholders involved, time is crucial.  If things are to be done correctly, a plan needs to be drawn up and implemented, so everything is done right – not just quickly, but thought through and done with detail.

I’m one of these people who thinks everything should be done with quality – or why else put time into it.  If things aren’t completed with full attention to detail, then they shouldn’t leave the office.  That is just how I am.  However, everything, every letter, every note….that comes from our school sends a message – therefore, that message must be consistent with how we want our school portrayed.

Everything that is from our school, represents us.  This goes for staff, parents and children.  I am constantly telling children that when they are out in their communities they represent our school.  Therefore, they need to make sure that they are remembered for all of the right reasons……if all our children are well-mannered and go out of their way to model this in their communities as well as go out and provide ‘service’ in their communities, our school will be held in high regard.  The way in which the children act and behave away from school is testament to what the school teaches the children during the week (whether we want to agree with this or not – obviously parents have a huge part to play, but the school hugely impacts on their behaviour as well).

So, how is your school represented in the community?  Do your staff, parents and children model the values that you expect from your school away from the premises out in their community?  Perhaps you don’t think that we have any influence over their behaviour away from school….

We have more influence than you think…..a school can change a community……

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