The Power of Music

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”
~Johnny Depp~

(Sorry this didn’t upload last night!)

The other night, my husband was watching television and I was asleep. While I was laying there I heard a song come on that made me want to jump right out of bed and start dancing! The urge was so strong that my feet began twitching and it made me think how powerful music is. It works with all of our emotions and can make us feel things based purely on the sounds and rhythms  . While driving to work, if I hear the right song, it can change my mood instantly. We all have those songs, the ones that when we hear them, we just want to dance, we want to smile and we want everyone to feel exactly the same way we do.

The way music affects an audience is clear when I have different songs playing as children come into assembly. Depending on what is playing, I can get the children to come in almost on tiptoe or swaying their heads and moving their bodies automatically with the beat.

Lately, my ‘entrance’ songs have been related to our ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ program, so I have been playing very upbeat and positive songs. Songs like, ‘Proud’ have featured, that explicitly highlight this theme and subconsciously get children feeling motivated and good about themselves.

During writing sessions, I very often played different music such as Bach, Beethoven and sometimes things that were jazzy or more hip hop .  The outcomes of the writing varied with different types of music and so did children’s demeanour and posture during the actual writing process.  I can’t really comment more as I never have fully researched this – only examined the exterior and the writing right in front of me.

Think about the music you listen to.  Are there certain songs you choose to suit your specific moods?  Does your attitude automatically shift when you hear your ‘trigger’ songs? Can we use this to set the tone for our schools or to help children to respond in particular ways?

The power of music is extraordinary and it makes me wonder how else it can be used to transform the ethos and environment of a school or a classroom.

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