Making the Most of It………..

Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.
~Alan Loy McGinnis~

Our situations are what we make them.  What I mean by this, is we can either look for the good in every situation or we can look at the bad.   Our attitude towards certain events can really determine their outcome.

All this week we are focusing on our ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ programme, where we will be welcoming Gail Emms into our school on Wednesday.  So, classes are focusing on people and circumstances where the values of patience, endurance, resilience and perseverance are evident.

I have just left the year 6 classroom, where the teacher was showing a clip of a BMX bikers journey, from being in a terrible car road accident, to losing his leg, to finally getting back on his bike and doing tricks on the ramp.

It is about what we make of our circumstances.  You can either feel sorry for yourself and decide that life is too hard and you are going to give up on your ambitions, or you decide that you are going to beat all the obstacles in your way and reach your goals.

Grant it, most of us won’t be in such a dire situation, but the concept is still the same.  We all have impediments along life’s journey and we have the choice of either giving up or doing whatever it takes to attain success.

So, what this week is about, is teaching children that in life things don’t always come easily.  In fact, most things you have to fight for.  But, it is about not ever giving up but constantly striving for our goals, practicing until it is perfect, bouncing back from our failures and always having an attitude of truly always doing our very best.  Within this, it is also teaching the children that sometimes we can achieve better than we think – so it is about raising our expectations and realising that we can achieve our most ambitious dreams, but that we need to learn the skills and values needed to achieve them because it will take hard work and determination.

Our attitude determines how we react to everything that life throws our way.

What attitude adjustments do you need to make?

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