Movie Night……….

images“Music always sounds better on Friday.” 
~Lou Brutus~

Today has become better known as ‘Popcorn Friday’ for me and the kids.  At the start of the weekends we have a routine, Friday is one of my early days, so I am home by the time the kids arrive at 4……everything gets cleared up and put away, the kids have a bath, we have dinner and then later in the evening we put in a movie or watch one we have pre-recorded during the week and then microwave a couple of bags of popcorn.

Friday night……..the night I look forward to most!  It is a chance to snuggle up on the couch and just relax…..

We all need a chance to unwind and do nothing but laze around with our feet up and on Friday nights that is usually just what we do!

Then on Saturday morning, again usually it is the same routine…..wake up, take our time, stay in our pyjamas, have a larger-than-most breakfast, fresh ground coffee, then depending on the weather, throw on our boots and coats and walk or drive into the village to go to the Farm Shop for fruits, vegetables and flowers and then on to the butcher for our fresh baked bread for the week, cheese, eggs and meat.  If I was still in America, it would be hard to have the ‘village’ life that we have here.  Our weekends are the essence of true ‘Country Home and Gardens’……..the luxurious colours of the countryside, the smell in the crisp air, the comfort of familiar faces.  We truly count our blessings every day.

So, tonight I am going to go and smother myself in cozy blankets and wrap myself in my children’s embrace.

Go and enjoy your time you have away from the chaos of work and business…..

Go and enjoy your family…..

Your time is what you make of it……

Take nothing for granted and…

…..enjoy every moment…..

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