Learning about the world around us……..

❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞
~Frank Smith~

Today we had a head’s partnership meeting and we began discussing the new curriculum.  Most of us agreed that actually, when we had really looked at it and understood what the teachers were being asked to do, it wasn’t too bad!  In fact, the new curriculum, depending on how the schools implement it, will be exciting, rich and varied!

It is an ideal opportunity to really engage the children and make their learning real, vivid and engaging.  For instance, in Geography, one of the changes that I have been discussing with staff is getting the children to really learn about the world.  Each year, starting from year 3, the children will learn about a different continent; learning about its countries, major cities and key features.  I remember from my elementary school when I was growing up, that when I was in year 5, my teacher had us learn about all of the countries over the year.  We had to memorise the countries of the world and their capitals.  However, she did it in a way, that made us want to learn them – inspiring us to challenge each other to be the first to learn all the capitals for Europe, for example.  I will never forget this learning experience, but it made me ‘see’ the world and understand what was beyond the school gates.  I am often disheartened by how many of our children barely even know places in England…….their own country…….

So,  each year in Key Stage 2 will learn about a specific continent, so that by the time they are in Year 6 they will hopefully have a broader view of the world and be able to talk about places and understand where they are and what their cultures have to offer!

For me, another exciting introduction is that of Modern Foreign Languages.  I have already hired two new teachers, one to teach Spanish in our EYFS and KS1 classrooms and another to teach German across KS2.  There has already been a ‘buzz’ about the children when they tell me what they have been doing in these lessons.  When a child can learn a new language, it really opens up the door to so many possibilities.  At their age as well, they soak up so much of it, so quickly.

Our school is also working towards the International School status as well as the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award, which work hand in hand with the work we are implementing.  It is about making the children more aware, more worldly and providing them with a taste of what is beyond our shores.  Many children may never go past their local cities, so bringing other cultures and traditions to ‘life,’ can help children to experience these far away lands.

Teaching is about bringing learning to life and providing children with experiences they will remember forever…..

How will you bring the world to their doorstep?

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